See: The Venomous Pinks release new video for ‘I want you’

Tempe, AZ all-female punk rock trio The Venomous Pinks have released a another new single and video in advance of the band’s upcoming new album, “I Want You” (Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records).

Guitarist/vocalist Drea Doll says: “People are fleeing from other countries to escape violence and poverty, hoping for asylum in the United States. I’ve never had to flee from a suppressive country, but can appreciate what my grandparents went through to better their lives when they left Mexico.

Newly signed to Die Laughing Records, music is the religion they worship, and their church is the road. Having formed in 2012, they have blasted and scorched their way from the garage and into the spotlight, shredding the stage with some of punk rock’s finest bands, such as: Bad Religion, Iggy Pop, Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, just to name a few. Even though they have been touring all over the country, they have street cred to back them since their loyalty to their local roots runs deep.

This track hits your ears with all the ferocity and violence of a song that has to be sat up and listened to, as if a call to unity is what the message here is. If you have any doubt about this, you might well have clicked the wrong link and have been listening to En Vogue maybe. This is a band of three girls that isn’t a girl band, it’s a punk rock band!

Grunge-filled almost death metal vocals have this trio hitting every sinew of being to make it clear that what they are saying is a harsh realism, that hits at the heart of the songs mantra.

They are due to play this years Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, hopefully we get to see this trio perform live in the UK.

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