See: Thot. release new video for ‘HTRZ’

Here mate. Do you fancy a bit of vegetal noise music?’ Don’t know about where you live, but it’s the sort of question we get asked all the time round here.

Usual response to the question is ‘Yeah, but only if you’ve got some of that industrial strength stuff.You know the stuff I mean – some of that Thot.

Thot is/are Gregoire Fray.He has been inflicting the industrial-rock scene with his self-proclaimed ‘vegetal noise music’ since 2005. Live performances are of the most memorable variety – loud, as you would expect, but also very visual. In fact the visual performance side of things is as much a part of Thot as the music.

To get a glimpse into the world of Thot – and sample a brief taste of vegetal noise – have a view of the video for HTRZ from latest album The City That Disappears (mixed by Cult of Luna maestro, Magnus Lindberg)

If you like what you see and are starting to crave for another stronger fix of VNM (as it’s called on the streets), you need to check out the full album. Available as a download or for those of you who need something a bit more pure, 12” gold vinyl.

What you get is an 8 (9 on the vinyl) track trawl through an industrial soundscape that can be quite tense at times, sinister at others. Thot’s world is edgy and the album reflects that.

You can get your fix of vegetal noise by clicking HERE


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