See: Starling release video for ‘No Rest For The Wicked’

What we see born here in this first video off upcoming EP ‘The Body’ is a creative whirlwind (and her team) finding her wings; indeed ‘No Rest For The Wicked‘ is a murmuration of the dizzy freedom found in throwing off the restrictions of ‘sensible’ expectations.

Rebellious abandon colours the lyrics, “I’m sick and tired of trying to be the nice girl, got to rearrange this; I’ll rewrite all the rules in my world until I find a catalyst” – certainly Starling’s own influence, but also belies the experience and pedigree of co-writer Sterling Fox (Lana Del Rey, Kylie). Similarly the groove laden pop production (Jimmy Hogarth and Nick Sylvester) has both edginess and a suspicion of darkness that could make it even a touch too complex for the teenage pop loving Radio 1. Fact is, we know she can sing and the more sensitive, if still ground breaking numbers such as Bill Withers and Joni Mitchell …as this how she was discovered.

The thing I liked about this release was Starling’s clear love of art in a wider sense – ‘the camera loves her’ as they probably say in LA but with a background in acting it tells, and makes for a very engaging spectacle.

I am hoping that she is one of those types of dangerously exciting people around whom life is a slightly scary mix of ambition and recklessness; the music of ‘No Rest For The Wicked‘ certainly would encourage that tale. There’s clear artistic vision and direction here and by nature those characteristics can occasionally spill over into diva-ishness – I’d like to see her grow into that role of the artiste ala Jesse J, Sia, Lady Gaga… and so far it’s very entertaining.

Looking forward to the EP.


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