Track: Screaming Maldini release new single, ‘Solar System’

As June draws to a close Screaming Maldini return once more to bring another offering to our ears and to our hearts. After knowing this band for so long I’m rarely surprised by their endeavours but I’m always impressed; Screaming Maldini strive to create unique and brilliant pop music that everyone can enjoy and it’s always a pleasure to hear it.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, #MonthlyMaldiniXII is a project Screaming Maldini have undertaken this year, releasing a new song each month before resulting in a mysterious finale in December. Intrigued? You should be. These songs are given freely to their fans, giving the band opportunity to share their music further than ever before.

‘Solar System’ is the latest offering from this Sheffield band, and it’ll be available for free download until the end of August. The imagery in this song is exquisite, as the lyrics draw on vivid metaphors of the cosmos to describe the nature of complex human relationships. Gina Walters takes the lead in this track, providing delicate vocals to such beautiful words; these lyrics are poetic and poignant and it takes a talented voice like Gina’s to highlight the grandiosity they contain.

“My heart holds a solar system, a solar system, but not a first glance” briefly describes how a person can be more than what they first appear to be. It’s time we imagine each other as we complexly imagine ourselves – we all have things to offer this world, to “be part of something”, if only we find our bearings in this universe and open our hearts to let others in.

The final words, “everyone falling in, falling out of love”, bring the listener back to earth as we realise not everything can be built on hopes and dreams. Relationships are fragile and don’t always work out; even stars are temporary. I guess it’s important to stay grounded even when you’re gazing at the skies.

Tim proves essential on drums, as the percussion is the heartbeat that gives life to this song. This band – consisting of Tim, Annie, Ben, Jonathan, Nick and Gina – know how to work well together, using each of their talents to create something elegant and tasteful. Give them half a chance and you’ll soon be impressed.

Listen to ‘Solar System’ below:

FREE DOWNLOAD available HERE until 31st July 2014.

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