Track: The Dank Dark unleash brutal debut track ‘What I am’

The first rotten fruits from new project, The Dank Dark, created by London based Charlie Biles. The style sits within the Blackened Death Metal arena, fusing styles from bands such as Behemoth, Fit For An Autopsy, Humanity’s Last Breath amongst others. All elements of the music are created & crafted from Biles’ home studio in London. More tracks will be revealed each month throughout 2018.
Self described as “A creation of humanity’s original sin and the source of all suffering. Past, present & future. Embedded in the minds of all, this being was a mistake, something that wasn’t intended for the world and that none can escape”. Cheerful stuff.
Even though visually and thematically this sits in the realm of black metal of sorts, there’s more of a groove to this than other bands and projects. Hints of Meshuggah wander underneath the blast beats and harmonised guitars. It will be interesting to see how the scheduled releases build to form an album.

It’s streaming now and definitely worth a listen:

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