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Track: Varanasi – Mishima

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Video: Bambara – Stay Cruel

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Track: The Room in the Wood – Fun of the Fair

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We enthusiastically reviewed a release from Melbourne band Night Terrors late last year – describing it as beautiful, haunting and gothic. Now, one of their members, Miles Brown, has released a solo single entitled ‘Apparition’ and it is a joy to experience. There’s a cold front moving through south eastern Australia, and you can wear …

It’s another product of the ‘Jive Alive’ era.  I can’t think how else I would have ended up listening to this goth-indie-classic rock-folk mash-up of a band. Only a few years earlier I can remember filling out Smash Hits Polls uniformly trashing anything with a hint of gloom or rock. Worst bands and songs dominated by …

Out right now is Brooklyn three piece The Library is on Fire’s new album, Halcyon and Surrounding Areas and third single to be taken from it 1913. The band, Steve Five, Pete Sustarsic and Travin Tonn, make this kind of shoegaze, gothy music that has these dreamy shards of hopefulness, joy even, that sparkle particularly …