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News: Dark Mofo Festival

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News: Buzzcocks to reissue Spiral Scratch EP & Times Up

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News: Black Lips Billed To Headline Fluffer Pit Party

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Names. It was the thing that caused the most consternation in our house upon the birth of my daughter. I liked the flowery names; Daisy, Poppy – stuff like that. My wife, however, like very traditional names like Elizabeth and Rachael, and needless to say, we hated eachothers choices. In the end, after a browse …

For me it wasThe Elephants. It was somewhere in Denmark, and they were Danish. They were (outrageously) below the bill than the band I was in, and so I wandered out to watch them, and was instantly blown away. On my return, the first things I did was buy their album, bang onto everyone I …