TRACK AND ALBUM NEWS: Erasure – Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)


Synth-pop maestros Andy Bell and Vine Clarke – AKA Erasure – return on 21st August 2020 with their eighteenth studio album, ‘The Neon’ on Mute. Ahead of the new album, the duo release single ‘Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)’ and if you love that classic Erasure sound (you know the one I mean, right?), then you are in for an absolute treat of fizzing, popping, moreish loveliness.

The band have managed to create something that takes you back but also sounds like today, with Andy Bell’s fab vocals (he still sounds really bloody good!) and Vince Clarke’s brilliantly effervescent and popping beats and electronica. The band have created a neon-inspired lyric video to accompany the song.

New album ‘The Neon’ was written and produced by the duo with a fresh optimism and energy, in part born from their own recent personal projects. Vince explains:

Our music is always a reflection of how we’re feeling. He was in a good place spiritually, and so was I – really good places in our minds. You can hear that.

The album takes its inspiration from pop music through the decades, from bands Andy loved as a child through to the present day, he explains:

It was about refreshing my love – hopefully our love – of great pop. I want kids now to hear these songs! I wanted to recharge that feeling that pop can come from anyone.

The album’s vocals were recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, with Vince joining Andy at the studio sessions, and the mixing was done by the band in London earlier this year.

If new single ‘Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)’ is a marker for the quality of the new album, then we are in for a 10-song celebration of beautiful, joyous pop, full of glistening optimism at a time that needs exactly that and needs it quite a lot.

You can pre-order ‘The Neon’ as exclusives on limited edition neon orange vinyl, limited edition neon green cassette and CD in a fold out orange foil blocked sleeve with fold out lyric and photography booklet, as well as on black vinyl, to download and stream.

The Neon tracklisting:

  • Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Fallen Angel
  • No Point in Tripping
  • Shot A Satellite
  • Tower of Love
  • Diamond Lies
  • New Horizons
  • Careful What I Try to Do
  • Kid You’re Not Alone

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