Track: Barley Passable bottle the essence of a Sydney summer with new single Turnaround

Sydney duo, Barley Passable, have released a veritable slice of summer with their new slinky, sensuous single ‘Turnaround’. It is as if they have bottled the essence of Sydney’s northern beaches – the bleach white beaches, the cloudless blue skies and the driving searing heat, hooning around in panel vans and board shorts eating Chiko rolls. If this doesn’t dispel the cold wintry lockdown bleakness of our northern hemisphere readers, nothing will.

The bubbling guitars recall the chic French Phoenix sound, the swing and drive of a seventies disco beat and a synth wave tone that washes over the listener. The themes are unapologetically romantic – adding a further burnish to the sheen. According to the band:

Turnaround” is the final plea of real love. Helpless, desperate and painful, ‘turn around’ is the last thing you can say to get someone to stay. Knowing that your love is reciprocated only makes it harder and whilst you scream it in your head, even worse is not being able to say it to their face. Fearing growing apart emotionally as well as physically, all you can do is repeat in your head the only phrases that matter; just how much this person has taken your heart, and how much you want them to stay.

Listen for yourself, and try and wipe the relaxed smile from your dial:

You can download/stream the single here. Barley Passable are Kai Ollmann (guitars and vocals) and Davy Brown (keyboards and vocals).

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