IT’S KINDA hard to believe that Bill has led us through the summer like an Americana pied piper, Monday by Monday, sprinkling the grey start of the week with a new tune for what … it’s been eight weeks now. Yep, we’re only three weeks away from Gold Record. Time grindeth relentlessly on.

Today he’s graced us with “Cowboy” a sad tale in which one thing crumbles to reveal another. It’s a red-eyed (the booze, or tears? Probably both), dusty horseback shuffle.

“Well I’ve been living like a cowboy / On the late, late movie … All I need is whisky, water, tortillas and maize / Buffalo meat, one time per week”.

The brass laments at a little distance from Bill and the guitar, which are right there with you. Our cowboy has found a little station in life, maybe not where he wanted to be, but he’s found some degree of equanimity, maybe even a contentment, down there. Bill whistles our tired bones home.

Bill Callahan’s Gold Record is out via Drag City on September 4th; pre-order yours here.