Track: Black Nash – Alligator

Fresh out of the military Jody Smith who goes under the name Black Nash has been adjusting to life out of the army and finding himself out of work and stuck at home, Smith decided to record a self titled album. He has shared the first single – ‘Alligator’ via Ramp Local

“I was totally isolated while I was recording,” says Smith, “and I already didn’t know anybody where I was living before COVID hit, so the album ended up sounding like quarantine, to me, at least.”

Intelligent, laid back, beyond cool and with a guitar dripping in chorus effect this may be your new favourite track. Things pick up on the chorus but stay loose throughout, which is a special skill that not many artists have. The bliss filled vocals are the shining light of this track though. Nash’s voice is a smoothing balm to what is going on with the world.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Smith’s Face

book or Bandcamp

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Black Nash – Black Nash 
1. Alligator
2. Zodiac
3. No Idea
4. Burn My Body Down
5. White Out
6. On The Line
7. Love Underwater
8. 4 I.O.
9. Minute of Rage
10. It’s You

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  1. January 8, 2021

    The Arranging is nuts on this, great tune, this is some next level

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