Track: Breed Of Aggression – Unmasked

Hailing from the Midwest, Breed Of Aggression is a new heavy metal project founded by Scott McClellan and Susie Hoffman Beahm. Breed Of Aggression have released the for their first single “Unmasked”. 

Scott McClellan talking about the single ‘Unmasked’,

“When Unmasked was written, I had the idea of Painkiller by Judas Priest in my head, I felt I wanted that type of energy in the song, powerful lead solos, killer vocals, Susie brought the fire that song needed & nailed it perfectly, I personally do not like to speak on myself, I’ll let the listeners be the judge of the solo work on the song, to give you an idea of where my mind was at during the writing process was, pretty much bringing the power of a good metal song with an extreme vibe, enjoy my friends.”

A thunderous piece of thrash that hits you like a freight train with the pounding drums with just the right mixture of guttural and clean vocals that soar when needed. Fretboards are set alight during the solo and colourful flourishes added in from the twin guitar attack. This is classic metal done right.

Check it out, here

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