Track: Bristol Alt-Folk Quartet Cut Throat Francis Shine On New Single ‘I Want Your Money Back’

An infectious blend of Gogol Bordello-esque energy and flare blended with a more organic, rootsy, and stripped sound akin to early Mumford & Sons, the new single from Cut Throat Francis, ‘I Want Your Money Back’ is an uptempo, infectious, yet considered and elegant track which demonstrates the bands natural ability as performers.

Opening with boxy percussion, strummed acoustics, subtle warming bass and excellently playful brass, the track ebbs and flows, gradually building before the elegant dual male/ female vocals enter, delivering poetic, biting lyricism and entrancing melodies. As the track progresses it reaches a climactic final section as the vibrant intertwining vocals soar over the bouncing, European folk tinged backdrop.

‘I Want Your Money Back’ truly showcases the bands faultless understanding of their sound and uncanny ability to capture the energy which I’m sure is evident in their live shows without having to pack huge production and layered instrumentation.

On the new single, the group says, “We’re all older now and you can tell. In the past, our songs were about drinking too much, going raving and other exciting young people things. Now as we struggle to stay awake past 9:30PM because we’ve fallen asleep watching Corrie; we’re singing about truly important old people topics such as assembling flat packs, trying not to spend all our money on takeaways because we have depressingly expensive bills. It is truly the relatable escapism we all crave for in this dystopian nightmare.

This gives a taste of what’s to come. We’ve really doubled down in wrapping up our message in layers of metaphor and instrumentals because we are very smart music men. What does “Whistles ring backward” mean? We don’t even know! An actual smart music man, Jim Barr at Bristol’s J&J studios has helped us go a bit weirder with the production this time and we’re really excited by it! It’ll probably make you feel young again.”

A brilliant effort from a band that I’m sure will be lighting up the UK festival circuit soon, listen to the new single below:

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