Track: Deniz Cuylan – ‘Object Of Desire’: a second luscious essay in solo guitar pastoralism

Deniz Cuylan, photographed by Sevgi Yuksel

TURKISH multi-instrumentalist and composer Deniz Cuylan, whose altogether lovely experimental classical guitar essay “Flaneurs In Hakon” we fell for a fortnight back, has proved that he has plenty more guitar craft up his sleeve with his second single drop from his soon-coming album, “Object Of Desire” which, if you’re of a certain instrumental guitar inclination, you’ll delight in below.

As with the previous single, “Objects Of Desire” comes with a gorgeously abstracted video courtesy director fellow countryman and director Idil Ergün, in which geometric objects and shapes are morphed and mirrored in monochrome, with textual elements and other stark symbolism: water, smoke, an eye.

The song, Deniz says, “is like a focus breathing exercise for me. You can almost hear my deep breaths going in and out accompanying the pulsating solo guitar.”

Which you pretty much can; it’s a tremulous thing, a quivering cycle of folksy melody with a single note ringing clear as a punctuating hook. The electronica counterpoint has ring and resonance and compliments the whole, lifts it higher.

The album is a real conversation between artist and instrument, spurred into being when Deniz spotted a real artisan’s instrument: the Santos model classical guitar, built by Parisian luthier Thomas Norwood.

As for the forthcoming album, No Such Thing As Free Will? We’ve loving its pastoral lushness a week or two or now. In fact, we could let slip that it has a really nice poise between the disciplines of the leftfield, guitar soli and that of bright folk melody; and that if you’re a fan of early to mid-period James Blackshaw, or the work Stockholm’s Andreas Söderström released as ASS, you’ll find an awful lot to love.

Look out for our review in about ten days’ time.

Deniz Cuylan’s No Such Thing As Free Will will be released by Seattle’s Hush Hush Records digitally, on CD and on vinyl on March 19th; pre-orders are now open for business at Bandcamp.

Connect with Deniz online at his website and on Instagramand Hush Hush Records at its website, on Bandcamp, and on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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