Finnish Death metal band Hautajaisyö are set to release their third studio album. The new single “Kuolonkantaja” is out too. Now I’m not even a death metal fan, but this is a banger: solid riffs and an accessible delivery. Have a listen, below.

The band’s Janne Partanen said: “‘Kuolonkantaja’ (Deathbearer) was written many years ago, but it found its place in the upcoming album. It is a good bridge from the second album to the new album.

“The song is a mix of brutality and the melodic side of Hautajaisyö. The lyrics tell about fear of death and how society handless the inevitable: ‘We walk on lines, depend on others, but still fear each other'”.

Hautajaisyö On Vain Pimeys is out November 13th on Inverse Records; pre=order your copy here.