NOW THERE’S a singer from Drag City’s diverse and always lovable stable that we haven’t heard nearly enough from in recent years.

San Antonio’s self-styled purveyor of “pensive, countrified psychedelia”, who recorded a lovely quartet of albums for the label around and just past the turn of the century, has broken ground in 2020 with a new track, “Little Sign”, which we’ve embedded for you below.

“Little Sign”, which Edith recorded in the spring, takes her distinctive psych-infused folksy chime for a song bigging up the positive action of refusal.

She says: “I wanted to make a song about how much I fucking hate Trump and what he’s done to America. The last four years have been a hell ride.

“It’s beyond me why anybody wouldn’t see him the way I do, as an evil, malicious black hole of greed and ego. Fuck that guy!

“But anyway, that wasn’t going to be a very good song, so I wrote this one instead. It’s a little more oblique and uplifting. It focuses less on the misery and hatred, and more on the optimism we can hold on to.

“We have the power to change things by using our voices and our VOTES. Make a sign to carry around, make a phone call to your representative, make a promise that you’ll vote for someone better.

“Let’s hope the worst is upon us now, and better days are coming very soon”.

Explore Edith’s lovely back catalogue over at her Drag City artist’s page.

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