Premiere: august at night Shares Beautiful, Moody New Single ‘Skinny Dipping’

Electronic, Alt-Pop and R&B creator august at night is back with his new single ‘Skinny Dipping’ and we’re excited to be running the premiere.

Warming, delicate, melancholic and swelling with a velvety richness, ‘Skinny Dipping’ possesses a dreamy emotiveness coupled with a pleasing musicality and experimental edge. Rounded beats are surrounded by layers of muted synth pads, thick bass and splashes of vocal samples and synth cuts, setting a dark tone under august’s silky, soft, reverb drenched vocal delivery. The track opens up into a subtly catchy, etherial chorus which serves to give the track a euphoric lift beyond the treacle like, ultra-mellow tone of the verse.

Speaking about the single, august at night adds: “[it’s about] desire, and entering into a space where things that get in the way, fall away.”

As comparable to the likes of Frank Ocean as it is to James Black and Lapalux, ‘Skinny Dipping’ is a rich musical experience which goes beyond the realms of R&B, incorporating elements of IDM into its unique, rich soundscape.

‘Skinny Dipping’ is released tomorrow, listen early below:

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