Film Review: Fall

Most people, quite sensibly, are wary of heights. Many suffer from vertigo when peering down into the eternal abyss. Flying is another challenge. However, there are those who actively seek out daredevil challenges. Who laugh in the face of danger. Seeking out the toughest and most difficult climbs. Never happier than looking out from a summit. Adventure junkies who are addicted to the adrenaline rush. Fall takes this idea to new heights.

Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) is struggling to cope with the loss of her soul mate (Mason Gooding). He fell to his death while they were climbing with her best friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner). In an attempt to drag her out of her depression, Hunter decides she needs to face her fears head on. And they don’t come much bigger than the abandoned B67 TV Tower. At over 2,000 feet it’s the therapy she needs. What could possibly go wrong?

Fall does a very tricky thing really well. It makes you believe that there’s constant jeopardy and puts you at the heart of the action. This believability is what makes Scott Mann’s film work so well. Sure, there are the usual contrivances the situation demands, but these are cleverly done and withstand surface scrutiny. Both leads do a great job of embodying their characters and Fall is shot in a way which makes it sporadically exhilarating and constantly exciting.

Catch Fall in US cinemas from 12 August.

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