Track: Escape The Fate Release New Track Featuring Travis Barker, ‘Not My Problem’

Escape The Fate are back with the second track from their upcoming album Chemical Warfare, which is out April 16th! Not My Problem follows on from Invincible, which was released in October 2020.

The track features none other than Blink 182’s Travis Barker on the drums, with him providing a driving backbeat to the song which is tackling the idea of refusing to take on the problems of others. The track is definitely not one of their heaviest to date (in fact, it could almost be a pop song in places), nor is it quite an example of their most ground-breaking work. It is, however, catchy as hell with a bridge that is classic Escape The Fate and really gives the track some grit. The vibe is carried through to the outro, which brings the song to an abrupt and energetic close.

 According to the band, Not My Problem will fit in with the album’s overarching positive theme, which aims to be uplifting and encouraging to their younger fan base. This may not be the best Escape The Fate song you’ve ever heard, but with an inspiring message and a punchy-ass breakdown, what more could you really want?

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