SEE: Flux Amuck – ‘Caterpillar’: ragin’ into ’21

Flux Amuck

AS 2021 draws back the curtains, stretches, yawns – looks for a better world ahead – it’s hit full on in the face by a sudden, piercing shaft of light in the form of Nebraska’s Flux Amuck, and “The Caterpillar”, their first new blast since 2019’s album, The Alternate.

If you like your guitars full of metallic power, barely contained; a progressive approach to how that power is fashioned for melody and attack; and all teamed with the declamatory vocal strength of Mike Patton, Mr Bungle or Tomahawk vintage, then step right in.

They’ve been plying their trade from their base in Omaha since 2014 – and as previously noted, there’s one previous album out there to delight in. Their live shows reportedly leave fans “confused, amazed, and once again confused”: hopefully they’ll get to our shores one day in the not too distant.

In the meantime, however, we have the depths of “The Caterpillar” to get our heads round. Dive in.

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