Track: Folk-Pop Duo Merlot Embargo Share the New Single ‘Paper Thin’

Merlot Embargo shares the delicate, textured, and emotive new single ‘Paper Thin’. The California duo, Scarlett and Geoff, once again showcase their ability to infuse gleaming optimism into hard-hitting topics, creating a musical landscape that transforms caution into empowerment.

The track delves into difficult themes of self-worth and self-love, skillfully woven into bright layers of picked ukulele (courtesy of guest musician Jessica Gerhardt) and strummed acoustic guitars over tight drum grooves and subtle atmospherics, the track is a vibrant blend of folk elements and infectious melodies. Scarlett’s lead vocals, soaring through poignant lyricism, bewitch the listener with radiant melodies, highlighting Merlot Embargo’s profound songwriting ability.

Explaining the inspiration behind ‘Paper Thin,’ the duo reveals, “It’s about how we talk to our reflections in the mirror. We are often much kinder to others than to ourselves. We wouldn’t stand for that treatment coming from anyone else, but somehow when it comes from us, we allow for so many abuses.”

Recording out of their home studio in LA, Merlot Embargo manages to balance the responsibilities of raising their daughter Joanna with regular performances across southern California. Their 2016 debut album, ‘Don’t Look Back,’ received praise from both fans and critics. Now, with ‘Paper Thin,’ they offer a glimpse into their upcoming second album.

Listen below:

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