Track: Gyze bring the beauty and insanity with celebration single ‘Oriental Symphony’

Japanese folk metal pioneers Gyze are celebrating their tenth anniversary with new single ‘Oriental Symphony’, out now via Out Of Line Music.

Vocalist / guitarist Ryoji commented:

 “‘Oriental Symphony’ is 100% Gyze metal written by me! We used Gagaku instruments (ancient Japanese music), Erhu (Chinese strings) and this new song is a modern mix with a symphonic orchestra, far eastern folk and cinematic music,”. 

On the lyrics he adds: 

“it’s poetically old Japanese. We used many onomatope, like “KIRAKIRA”, “YURA YURA”, “HIRA HIRA”, “SHIN SHIN”, etc.” He concludes: “We had to record this song in 430 khz because of the Gagaku Orchestra. Make sure to listen loud!”

This is Gyze turned up to 100. Break neck speed drumming and growled vocals all with the sweeping melodic playing of the twin guitars. There’s such a sense of joy in this track, from the immense dual guitar harmony soloing to the group singing and hugging in the video. It’s over the top and insane. It’s brilliantly impressive and hugely addictive. And all together mind bogglingly intricate yet all done with a beauty. Heres to the next ten years.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

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