Track: Lando Manning – Brighter Days

Thomas Keevil and Patrick Brown

South London Folk Artist Lando Manning has announced the release of his second EP Brighter Days which is due for release on the 15th of February via Mango Wax Records. He has shared the tranquil solemnity of the EP’s title track as a final teaser. Written, recorded, and produced by Manning in Wiltshire in the autumn of 2022, mixed by Miles Dee and mastered by Bobby Smyth (Hutch)

Manning comments:

“Brighter days is an affirmation of hope that through dark times there is light at the end of the tunnel. It was written during a really dark time in my life so it’s holding onto hope that the bad experiences that I went through will eventually turn to better times.”

With the soft patter of rain, the brighter days are brought with the plucking of guitar strings. A repetitive two chord lullaby gives a soft hazy backdrop for Manning’s warming vocals to poke through and rise towards the sun, delighting those who hear it. Some music feels like it is needed as a part of this life. Manning’s music falls very much into this category.

Check it out, here

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