Track: Leddie MC Shares Track ‘Born Of Stone’ From New EP

With the release of her EP – ‘Born Of Stone’ which drops 25th September via Elegantly Ugly. North East Rapper Leddie MC has also shared the title track as her lead single featuring LKP

With each track the musical side of Leddie’s work just gets better and better and matching her skill with words. Jazz piano and some laid back wah wah guitar on the open this track. Lyrics inspired by her struggle to get where she is. “I became a voice of the voices, of the lone and depressed. Dived into the deep end of the oceans I wept” Lyrics that stand her out, head and shoulders above the crowd, with their intelligence and emotional content. This lady has to be heard.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook

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