Track: Legendary jazz fusion figure Jon Hassell releases ‘Unknown Wish’

Credit: Roman Koval

Jon Hassell, trumpet player, sonic explorer and elder statesman of the ambient fusion scene has offered up another preview from his upcoming album ‘Seeing Through Sound/Pentimento Volume Two’. Unlike the previously released teaser the protracted and tensely metronomic ‘Fearless’, the new track ‘Unknown Wish’ offers up numerous possibilities in a succinct three -minute excursion.

Moving from fractured electronic scrambles through a rumbling dub funk section then down to the spooked depths of a gothic soundscape-this is music of extraordinary range. Loose but disciplined, agitated but deceptively smooth, the coherent blending of harmony and discord that we have come to expect from the pioneer of fourth world music.

What is emerging from the two preview tracks for the forthcoming album is that Jon Hassell will once again be setting the bar to a whole new level, much as he did in 1977 with his debut ‘Vernal Equinox’. ‘Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) will be released on 24th July via Ndeya Records…Be there to catch the 83 year old musician at the peak of his wizardry.

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