SEE: Sébastien Guérive – ‘Omega II’: off-world, glitchy soundscapes

FRENCH composer and producer Sébastien Guérive has a really skin-shiveringly delightful way with an icy, glitchy techno landscape – as shown by his new single, “Omega II”, which has a beautiful monochrome video accompanying – watch below.

Let’s meet Sébastien: he’s based in Nantes. After studying the cello, he turned to musical creation using the dizzying wealth of computer software out there these days, which opens up infinite sonic possibilities.

As you can hear, he’s an artist as much concerned with the textural aspect of sound as he is with its melodic flow; tone and grain, tone and grain.

He released his first album, La Pense Érrante, as far back as 2001; it was sourced and composed from collages of samples and field recordings, since when he’s also collaborated across the disciplines, writing for theatre and dance.

For Omega Point, he decided to compose an instrumental album intended to serve as a sci-fi movie soundtrack; it’s textural, is redolent of an off-planet storyline, has real power and IDM punch, straddling downbeat techno and more ambient soundscaping.

Sébastien reveals that the album was composed largely utilising analogue synthesizers to obtain a sound ‘colour’ rich in harmonics and textures.

“The timbres were obtained through a combination of analog and digital processing,” he says.

“Long-term modulations and transformations have been generated so that each sound source approaches the richness of expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.”

Sébastien Guérive’s Omega Point will be released digitally and on vinyl by Atypeek Music on March 19th: connect with Sébastien on Facebook.

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