Track: London Indie-Rockers Depression, Baby Share Infectious New Single ‘In My Blood’

Early Strokes vibes are back on the new single ‘In My Blood’ from London’s Depression, Baby.

A summery, high energy and in many ways feel good soundscape of tight, boxy indie, ‘In My Blood’ contrasts it’s vibrant guitar led sonic pallet with cutting lyricism and an effortlessly catchy melodies. The distorted, tight lead vocal offers a captivating charisma which is central to the bands sound.

Lyrically offering a relatable, scathing evaluation of modern life in the UK, the cost of living and the constant sense of doom which looms, the track retains a radiant optimism in the tracks euphoric, intense chorus as intertwining guitar lines explode into life, delivering on the natural sense of energy that permeates through the band’s music.

Speaking about the track, the band explain: The song was built off the demo made by me (Dan, frontman) during a long period of isolation in my flat in January this year. I don’t know if it was because the new year didn’t have its usual sense of opportunity due to the sorry state the country was in, or that I was just freezing because I hadn’t had the heating on for a week, but I wanted a song that had energy and life. I wanted to deal with some things I’d been feeling for a while but also remind myself that I’ve been down before and made it out ok so why wouldn’t it be the same this time? 

I really enjoyed playing the big energy songs on our tour last year so I knew that it was something I wanted to keep exploring with this next body of work.”

A valiant effort showcasing a band who are clearly well versed in writing catchy, well thought-out tunes that capture the energy of their live shows.

Listen below:

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