Track: Wine Pride Shine On The Atmospheric Indie Bop ‘Lone Flyer’

Encompassing elements of buoyant indie with the reverb tinted atmospherics of shoegaze, Wine Pride’s new single ‘Lone Flyer’ is an atmospheric, emotive yet sonically uplifting bop.

Layers of intertwining dual reverb tinted guitar riffs layer beautifully over tight bass and drums to create a dreamy yet bright indie backdrop under the wonderfully lazy and atmospheric vocal delivery. ebbing and flowing the though the verse, the track grows into a subtle yet none the less catchy chorus. A strikingly well formed and tight sound despite being only the bands second single.

The end result is a sonic pallet that fits somewhere between Bombay Bicycle Club, Joy Devision and Slowdive, an original, impactful blend of bright indie elements under a gaze of atmospheric shoegaze tendencies.

Speaking onthe single, the band exaplin that Aaron says ‘Lone Flyer’ “is an ode to those who crave a moment of solitude; embracing the positive aspects of being unaccompanied through life’s most precious moments. A few years ago, I impulsively broke off to live in NYC where I found myself on solo explorations through the city. Those experiences were incredibly cathartic as they provided a continuous dosage of introspection . The lyric “Flying Alone Into the Sun” is a direct representation from my lone ventures where I’d take the train around the city until the sun would rise; experiencing the city as it resets for a new day.”

Listen below:

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