Premiere: Kit Major embarks on new era with two new singles and a video for ‘Break Up Again’

She’s not been off radar for long, but it’s clear from her new material that Los Angeles-based Kit Major is gearing up for a big year. Last we heard from her, she was putting a bow on 2022 with the Vampire Saturday EP, and 2023 will bring more music, like the alt-pop double header we’re premiering today, with ‘Break Up Again’hogging a bit more spotlight thanks to its accompanying video. It’s best left to Major to sum these up:

“‘Break Up Again’ is the first song I’ve ever co-produced. It was written on Christmas Day and I recorded the first voice memo for it on the floor of my bathroom because I didn’t want to wake up my family… but also because I had a very distinct vision for the harmonies. The video is the first introduction to my next era, titled Love. Sick. Major. It was a dream of a music video to make and put together; it’s very Beatlesque. I’ve been performing with my band since November and it’s so exciting to have our first video all together. It was directed by Adrian Vega Albela Osorio, who has been a long time friend and collaborator.

‘IWUDHMSM’ is funny to me because it’s such a long title. I tried every option, but nothing fit as well as just saying the full sentence! Saying, ‘I wish you didn’t hate me’ is so intense. You can hate me…I just wish you didn’t hate me SO much.”

Get your first listen of both below and keep an eye out for more from Major later this year.

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