Track: Melbourne’s Tina and the Hams release a double barrelled blast with singles ‘WAY’ and ‘PetRicHor’

Melbourne outfit Tina and the Hams have released their debut double single ‘WAY” and ‘PetRicHor’: a diverse yet completing engaging double hit.

“WAY’ enters the fray with a punky thrashing beat, and yet takes a detour into psychedelia every now and again. It is a visceral, slamming track imbued with anger and frustration: a wall of noise and fuzzy guitars with a pounding rhythm section and shouty vocals that warp and bend, with a spacey interlude.

Damian Frood from the band says of the track:

A song created on the day of my uncle’s funeral, WAY stands as a testament to some relationships I have in my life. Universally we hope people can relate to the energy and angst conveyed.

‘PetRicHor’ on the other hand is more of a quieter, reflective piece, albeit imbued with the same dark intensity: a piece of shoegaze/psychedelic shimmer with distant restrained vocals and jangling guitars above a syncopated shuffle. It’s a far more nuanced and complex piece that ebbs and flows. Frood says:

I became irritated by some of the mindless drivel I heard on radio. Initially written about a specific unnamed artist, if it sounds “over the top” it’s because it’s supposed to. There’s too much beige music and this song is a push back against it.

Both tracks are, as is the way these days, the product of lockdown intensity and are out now through the Exploding Udder Music label with an album on the way. There’s no Tina nor any Hams, but there is some passionate and vitality present – you can get the tracks through the link below:

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