Track: Minimal Animal reveals the heart-stopping new single, Saturated

We’ve long been in thrall of Minimal Animal, back to his Sheffield days at the head of Screaming Maldini, who we at the time thought were the best band on the planet.

He’s now in Brixton, and has just released his first single of 2021 in the shape of Saturated. It’s timely given these strange and (often) lonely times that its a study on depression from the inside, and the ways it can impact on relationships. “You’re strength where I’m weakness / you’re light
where I’m darkness / you’re the truth to my barefaced lie” he mourns, adding “I crave your completeness /
but it’s scaring me shitless / that you don’t crave mine”.

If that’s not enough to break your heart, then the melancholy and pure desperate sadness of the melodies will have you biting you own lip. Over delicate piano lines and a wash of synths and electronic sounds, Nick (aka Minimal Animal) yearns and aches.

Listen here and feel something.

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