News: Tangents continue to explore beyond jazz and go double or quits with new album ‘Timeslips & Chimeras’; hear the propulsive electronica fusion of ‘Lilliputian’


WITH their last album release, last year’s Timeslips, finding itself somewhat hobbled by – c’mon, you know, it made us all stay in for months on end – the enigmatic Australian quartet Tangents have decided to go double or quits and are set to rerelease that most recent set in tandem with a new set of works, bursting with new ideas and the shape of post-jazz to come, as Timeslips & Chimeras, via Temporary Residence at the end of July.

This twin release will also be arriving on physical formats for the first time, so utterly good news; and why not come gather around and hear the freshly unveiled “Lilliputian”, which is far from small-scale, actually; we’ve got that for you in the here and now.

It’s got pulsing motorik, an insistent snare that shuffles and skitters forward, ever forward, like the chatter of urban rail track, yawing, seemingly bowed drones, with an earthy, organic quality; and all the while piano chords bring an ever-flexing harmonic curtain of colour, setting out on a maiden voyage. Dimensionally speaking, it’s both wide and so very deep.

Despite album the first being out in the world roundabout nine months now, both Timeslips and Chimeras were borne of the same seed, with the greater part of both being laid down in a single day at Sydney’s Free Energy Device Studios. Timeslips leans towards lighter treatments on the studio-improvised material, whereas Chimeras takes flight into overdubs, lo-fi electric jams, and splintered extracts from the sessions, bringing elements of post-rock, dub and abstract collage.

This double whammy comes three years after the release of New Bodies, the Australian Music Prize-nominated set which turned heads around the globe.

Tangents’ Timeslips & Chimeras will be released by Temporary Residence Ltd. on July 30th digitally, on CD and 2xLP; get yourself over to Bandcamp or the label store and secure your copy.

Connect with Tangents on Facebook, Twitter, their official website and on SoundCloud.

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