Track: Nathan Fake – Sunder

Nathan Fake has revealed the title track from his new EP, out via the ever brilliant Ninja Tune label on 23rd February on 4-track 12″/Digital release. “These four tracks are like snapshots captured in a single moment. They were all recorded on an old Marantz tape deck, Jupiter 6, broken Akai drum machine and a Yamaha Reface DX,” explains Nathan. “Basically just hitting record and seeing what happened, not worrying about making mistakes etc. There are no post-edits – they are left completely as they were recorded – so they’re quite messy but I love that energy.”

Raw and rougher than his recent Providence album, Sunder is built on this hard edged bassline, with these seemingly almost independent synth lines working their own simple way through the track. As it begins to unfurl, so it seems to get more brittle, the techno beats giving us some juxtaposition against the ambient synths.

Check it out, here

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