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Promo image of OK Button for their single Verso

On new single ‘Verso’, OK Button bring challenging themes and breathtaking music together in perfect harmony.

OK Button – Amber Wilson, Nass Donald and Adam Falkner – are gaining a reputation for creating dreamy synth-pop with refreshingly grounded lyrical observations on emotive issues such as loss, isolation, depression and anxiety. Their style of songwriting is proving to be a winning formula, garnering both critical acclaim and streams on Spotify.

New single ‘Verso’ (listen below, out now via Lab Records) explores themes of mental health and memory. The subject matter is made instantly accessible through the intimacy of Wilson’s vocals – so warm and close that you feel she is breathing the words onto your neck – as she sings about “the purest kind of love, it carries me when I’m losing you”. It’s a perfect juxtaposition to the crystalline synths and beats that pulse and punch through the track like a pounding heartbeat. Beginning with a stripped back guitar line, ‘Verso’ dips and soars until after taking us through the full gamut of emotions, we’re left with quivering strings to fade.

Speaking about the single, Wilson says: “Verso was initially built around a simple guitar line that Adam wrote. The lyrics flowed easily; the theme is of a similar vein to ‘Flesh & Blood’ – mental health issues and life circumstances separating you from someone you love. On a basic level, the song reflects on fond memories and how you will never let them go.

On a deeper level, when you’re so close to someone and connected by love – you can feel them, their authentic essence, that warmth, even when they’re not there. They become part of you. That energy, the intangible closeness of love – is so strong that it can carry you through the hardest of times, you can hold on to it. It’s beyond physical, therefore it can even survive death. I find that reassuring.”

OK Button time and again succeed in confronting the hardest truths in their lyrics on the back of simply stunning electro-pop music. It’s a match they’ve made heavenly.

Ok Button UK Live Dates:

27th July – Tunnels, Aberdeen
28th July – King Tut’s Summer Nights (headline show), Glasgow

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