Track: Sam Hunn (Verticoli) channels a little ‘Kurt Cobain’ in thundering new solo track.

Feature Photograph: Meg Siejka

Ahead of new material from his band, Verticoli (a firm favourite here at the antipodean outpost of Backseat Mafia), singer Sam Hunn has released a debut solo track ‘Kurt Cobain’.

The track is about feeling emotional turmoil like the eponymous singer. Hunn says:

…although tongue-in-cheek, (it) is a commentary on the long-standing issue of glamourizing musicians suffering from a decline in mental health.

It is delivered with a driving, thumping beat with a thundering piano and layered harmonies: Hunn displaying his impressive skills with songwriting and musicianship. It’s visceral and raw, a post punk anthem that tips its hat at Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins with its scything barbed-wire guitars mixed with sweet melodies:

‘Kurt Cobain’ is out now and available to stream here and through all the usual download and streaming sites. Look out for a new single from Verticoli soon.

Feature Photograph: Meg Siejka

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