Track: The Lemon Twigs – Moon

The illustrious alternative and classic rock influenced band, consisting of brothers Michael and Brian D’addario, recently offered yet another single from their upcoming album Songs for the General Public. This follows the album’s first single The One.

Like The One, Moon is an upbeat, swiftly moving creature which oozes a lyrical message of sorrow and longing. The Lemon Twigs are famously 60’s rock obsessives, The Beatles and The Beach Boys especially. The One reflected and absorbed the character of such rock ancestry spectacularly, with its simple but majestic guitar riff, but Moon goes even further.  A Dylan-reminiscent harmonica blares upon the intro and resurfaces even more fervently at the track’s close, while Michael D’Addario’s vocals transform seamlessly into a gravelly bark. A truly ‘British Invasion’ type acoustic guitar rhythm carries the structure as a buoyant foundation. Moon, and equally The One, accumulates the ambition of previous record Go To School, alongside plenty of their melodic genius; and the tenderness of their 2017 EP.   

The Lemon Twigs’ third album is due on August 21, via 4AD. Check out Moon below.

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