Track: Naga Siren – Heal

It’s been a while since Naga Siren’s  latest release, and this time they teamed up with producer (and childhood hero!)  Yngve Andersen from Blood Command to further improve their sound. The single was recorded during a session in Bergen in February, and Englishman Simon Jackman (Outhouse Studios, Architects and others) was flown in to do engineering. The result is some really f**king beautiful Norwegian hardcore!

About the band!
Naga Siren quickly became one of the most exciting bands in Norways hardcore-scene with the release of their first EP “This Dark Lake” and debut-album “Swallows Tornadoes”. Now they are back with new material and are releasing two hardcore-bangers produced by Yngve Andersen(Blood Command)!

The band draws inspiration from American metalcore and merges it with their Scandinavian roots in hardcore, punk and screamo. The result is a hard-hitting outfit combining catchy and upbeat riffs with razor-like screaming, and catchy hooks.

‘HEAL’ is a song that strips back the shell and bares the soul of how addiction can poison your life, how fighting it, is not as simple as kicking it, it’s not only a habit that needs breaking, but its what’s around you that drags you back into a world of unhealthy relationships. Sung with every sinew of being, with a voice that in parts, hits heights that can be akin to Chester Bennington, but also has all the angst and zeal of the legendary Ian Mackaye. Musically this is as close as you will get to a cross over hardcore track, elements of Dogsflesh, Circle Jerks or even Scream, but with a modern metal life of its own making.

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