Track Toronto indie folk band Decoration Day release ‘Lanark County’

Taken from their forthcoming debut album Makeshift Future, Toronto folk band Decoration Day have released a new single, Lanark County. It’s described by guitarist and songwriter Justin Orok as a vision song.  “It follows a kind of surreal dream logic,” says Justin. “The imagery comes out of this just-below-the-surface hostility I would feel when visiting idyllic small town Ontario; somehow, it ended up sounding almost biblical. Shortly after writing this song, I ended up moving to Lanark County, and started to understand where that hostile feeling comes from. There’s a different kind of spiritual energy here, and even though I’m not a particularly religious person, I still feel it in the day-to-day routine and the way that time passes.” 

It’s a sublime piece of gentle indie-folk, with these soft vocals and harmonies draped over aching strings and bubbling acoustic guitar. It’s earthy and emotive, the Saxophone‘s chirruping birdsong jazz as the track dies away a beautiful coda.

Check it out, here

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