Track: Viruette Share Vibrant & Intriguing New Single ‘Call Me Annabel’

Indie-alternative trio Viruette showcase what a fascinating prospect they are with the rich and musically multifaceted new offering ‘Call me Annabel’.

Opening with swaying drums, grounding bass and a tight, syncopated strummed guitar under a subtle lead riff the trio quickly set an intriguing tone already hinting at the intriguing ideas and textures to come with diminished and altered chord choices. As the vocals enter surrounded by falcetto harmonies, the bands alternative sound is given a Beatles-esque central pin before a saxophone line takes it’s first appearance and the melts into a floating middle eight.

As the track continues to grow, ebbing and flowing through sections and gradually introducing swelling synths, energetic instrumental breaks and even acoustic sections the track capitalises on it’s psychedelic yet pointed tone with exciting musical ideas and captivating vocal lines surrounded by rich harmonies.

Talking about the meaning behind the track, Viruette explain: “The song is a character study in which a conflicted narrator is deeply sceptical toward, yet nonetheless infatuated by the object of his desire, Annabel. The couple meet, but the falsity of it all is well-understood by the narrator, who is in the odd position of yearning for someone who he suspects to have shown him little more than artifice.”

An intriguing effort showing a sprawling boatful of ideas, ‘Call Me Annabel’ is a hugely effective effort showcasing the huge amounts of potential this unquestionably creative trio have. Listen below:

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