Track: WheelUP – Vitruvian Man

Danny Wheeler -DJ, drum & bass producer and head honcho of W10 Records has released Vitruvian Man under his broken beat alias WheelUP, named by none other than Bugz in the Attic founder Afronaught.

It’s art the darker end of broken beat, but bubbles and fizzes away with a dance floor pull about it, its gluey bassline holding everything together, as Wheeler changes it up subtlety and skilfully.

It’s inspired By Leonado Da Vinci’s painting of the same title, which expresses the seen and unseen, the connection between material/physical and spiritual worlds, WheelUP’s “Vitruvian Man” uses this as a vessel for his production. “Like with the music, it’s here (sound) and not here (non-physical) at the same time, like human life exists in the material (body) and conscience (mind)”, Danny explains, “it’s an esoteric idea but I like it, also its proportions to the human body and also sacred geometry”.

Check it out, here

Vitruvian man is out now via Tru Thoughts

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