There’s a reason they’re called FIRE (The Unstoppable Force), you know. What name would better reflect the apoplectic, incensed sound they project; the rough, unrefined grit; the way their music seems to set your ears ablaze? The flames of Warren Records’ Hull-hailing five-piece have been reaching new heights, what with the release of their eponymous EP and the accompanying music video Mama Jaguar.
The trio of tracks, Mama Jaguar, Easy Love and Beast seem like a triptych for the band, each one portraying a different variable of what forms FIRE (The Unstoppable Force)’s distinctive sound. With Mama Jaguar bringing the anarchy with punk intonations; Easy Love bringing the fury with sonically spiralling instrumental; and Beast contributing the pop-punk pulses, all crowned with baritone, gothic vocals. Be prepared to be engulfed.

The music video released by Warren Records for the Mama Jaguar is a brilliant representation of what the band is about. Bathed in red light with delirious, dizzying camera transitions, we see the band performing in a seedy pub, empty save for idle old drunkards. The narrative follows Mama Jaguar, a cougar who lures unsuspecting, drunken men to the toilets to carry out her intent to murder – crazy, right? It would be, if it was serious. The great thing about this music video is it conveys the band’s devil-may-care qualities, what with its comedic acting, matching outfits, ketchup for blood and absurd video scenario.
If you’re keen to keep the flames of FIRE (The Unstoppable Force) rising, then get yourself down to Warren Records’s Soundcloud: click here.

Words by: Sophie Walker

Photo: Josh Moore

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