Album Review: Felicia – Feel Good Songs For Oblivion

Dark and brooding, twisted, and sexy - the perfect Valentine.

The Breakdown

Nasty, snarly, dark, echoey, and sexy in an underground Goth-club way: 'Feel Good Songs for Oblivion' - the musical equivalent of a trip to Torture Garden.
Self Released 7.8

It was the middle of May 2020 when Felicia released her first musical exploits to the world, in the shape of ‘Felicia and the Gammon Lumps’. Now, almost two years later, comes the full-length Felicia album, to be released (of course) on Valentines Day this year.

Opening with a suitably alt-metal double-kick drum instrumental-avec-samples, ‘Feel Good Songs For Oblivion’ is dark, brooding, horror-punk-cum-industrial nightmare-scape, heavily drum-and-sample led with Lumpz semi-falsetto vocal half-sneered, half-showtune-schmoozed at the listener. There’s almost a touch of Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ about the vocal delivery, mixed with bits and pieces of heavily processed guitar work and thumping drum and bass.

There’s a non-conformist ‘fuck you, we’re gonna do whatever the hell we like and beggar the consequences, and you can get with us or get out’ vibe to the record that’s missing in a lot of rock music at the minute, with a lot of bands seemingly more worried about not offending anyone and forgetting that rock n’ roll is intrinsically meant to get up the establishment’s asses. That’s the point, and Lumpz and her band pull it off here.

Musically, it’s part art-punk-rock, part Revolting Cocks or early Ministry industrialist electronic snarl, reminiscent of NIN and a lot of early first-album Garbage, full of high-tempo kick drum and staccato guitar. It’s a nasty, loveable, evil, fun record – dark, wicked, sexy in a twisted way, and very definitely not one for the dad-rock establishment, but yeah, for all its antisocial, misanthropic lyrical growl, it’s full of ‘feel-good’ energy.

‘Feel Good Songs For Oblivion’ is released on the 14th Feb; Pre-order before 7th Feb to receive CD, Lyric Booklet, Kittie-Skull Badge, Photo of Felicia signed by whole band and a personal message. Order via Paypal – £12.50 to including your address and personal message.

Check out Felicia’s Facebook page for more details.

Track Listing:

  1. Oblivion (Intro)
  2. Pathetic Twisted Fruit
  3. Revolution Business
  4. Gammon Lumps
  5. Those Eyes
  6. She Who Thirsts
  7. Seeds
  8. Corona Isis
  9. Blissgiver
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