Album Review: One Eyed Wayne – Saucy Postcard Super Creeps


Two years on from the acclaimed debut album Attack Of The Luxury Flats One Eyed Wayne are back with a new album titled Saucy Postcards Super Creeps.

Moving from their own label and securing a place with Optic Nerve Recordings One Eyed  Wayne bring us 11 new tracks blistering with humour and a post punk feel that they have become synonymous with.

Piece of This Romance the album opener is tale of internet dating from a woman`s point of view with a sense of sadness but with the hint of reality combined with great guitar work and punch making it an obvious choice for a single.

Waste Of The Day is great, it’s a song we can all associate with and have probably all written in our heads, with a Wreckless Eric feel to words about finding other things to do when duty to life calls.

Body`s Gone depicts the older generation (most of us thinking we can still hold our own) trying to keep up with the younger generation with a comical twist,- lyric, He only popped in for a swifty,but he was speeding over 50, then he hit the wall..The Body`s Gone.

1000 Dreams is another great track, about bands reforming, and YOYO a track that wouldn’t sit out of place on any Stranglers album (original line up).

All in all this is a very accomplished piece of work, very funny in places, and like albums from yester year like Supergrass`s I Should CO CO this should be an album that finds its way into most festival tents and indeed could be one of the albums of the summer.

Great Stuff

The album is released on April 5th on Optic Nerve Recordings Distributed by SRD and Published by Bucks Music, the debut album is also getting a reissue on April 16th.


Piece Of This Romance, 45 Minutes (to go), Waste Of A Day, Yo Yo, Spanish Lounge, Thousand Dreams, The Body’s Gone, Man From Uncool, Pickle, Neverborn, Old Mans Balloons.

One Eyed Wayne


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