Alex Paclin Shares Warming New Single ‘Why Was It Me’ From New Album ‘What Time Makes Us’

Bringing together elements of pop, soul, jazz and indie, Alex Paclin’s new single ‘Why Was It Me’ covers a lot of ground, fusing varying elements through a slowly building soundscape of rich, multifaceted instrumentation. Taken from the new 8 track album ‘What Time Makes Us’ the track is an excellent, example of Paclin’s abilities as an instrumentalist and songwriter, setting a high bar to what to expect from the album.

Opening with a finger picked acoustic guitar and Paclin’s delicate, emotive vocal. Slowly introducing layers of synth, bass, subtle drums and airy atmospherics, the track gradually guilds layers of instrumentation creating a warming backdrop for the vocals which act as a central pin. As the track continues to grow, the soundscape gradually shifts, introducing electric guitar, a full drum kit and sawing synths and processed undertones on Paclin’s vocals before stripping down once more and gradually working up to an explosive climax with a gut-busting guitar solo (I rewatched School Of Rock recently, does it show?).

As comparable to Imogen Heap as it is to Sufjan Stevens and even elements of John Mayer and Jeff Buckley, the artistic depth and innovative nature of Alex Paclin’s music shines on ‘Why Was It Me’, a great representation for what can be expected across the album.

Speaking on the album as a whole Alex explains:
“The album name comes from the idea that time makes us different, all the suffering or/and the good experience leaves an imprint on us and it is expressed in the things we do, in my case the music that I create.”

Listen to ‘Why Was It Me’ and the full album ‘What Time Makes Us’ below:

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