Beautiful Bradford Competition

Name: Mr C.R.I. Leverton
Address: 21 Seldon Street, Little Horton, Bradford BD5 9HH
Tel: 01274 503868 / 503865 (except weekdays, 1330 – 2130: 759274)

Image Information:
I took this photo early last November, a short while after sunset. I was just outside the police station, looking across the road towards the theatre.
The photo has is a combined image that has been tonemapped to give a wider than normal dynamic range “HDR image” (high dynamic range) and some slight sharpening has been given just before it was saved as a jpeg. The fact it was a time-based exposure is clearly visible with the blurred movement of the figures to the left of the theatre giving a ghost-like effect and the traffic on the road almost totally motion blurred out.
Camera and lens used was a Canon EOS 350D with 18-55mm lens, 18mm end, 3 exposures combined, bracketed -2 to +2 based on meter reading.

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