Live Review: Baby Queen – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 21.04.22

There’s already a buzz in Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club by the time Baby Queen hits the stage, a bundle of neon coloured energy.

The 24 year old London based singer hits her stride from the off, covering the stage and connecting with the audience with immediate effect.

It’s an accomplished opening, especially given this is her first headline tour. Internet Religion follows the spoken word opening from Baby Kingdom. Baby Queen explodes on to the stage, bottle of wine in hand, rushing from one side to the other.

Raw Thoughts follows, and inside the second song she is off the stage, in amongst the audience, bouncing and soaking up the energy of a jubilant crowd. Already in the palm of her hand, the compliant audience drop to the floor on request during the breakdown in Wannabe, then obediently, yet ecstatically leaping skywards as the bass drops back in.

It’s a high energy 55 minute set that doesn’t let up for one second. In a blur of high performance energy, spilled wine (“because we don’t give a f***, do we Leeds” – Leeds agreed, by the way!), audience intros and borrowed smartphones, we are transported into the world of Baby Queen, wholly and willingly.
Favourite tracks, Narcissist and Buzzkill are met with well practiced singalongs, before the crowd sing in unison to bring Baby Queen back to the stage for an encore which includes Want Me and I’m a Mess.
This was a consummate performance. One that belonged to an artist who would be equally, if not more, at home on a much bigger stage. Baby Queen effortlessly connects with every member of the audience. This is a show worth catching while you can feel this energy up close and personal. To see how she fares on the bigger stage, she has already been picked up to support Olivia Rodrigo on her upcoming UK arena tour. 

Baby Queen may be a “f***ing Narcissist” but on the back of this performance, who could blame her?!


Baby Kingdom
Internet Religion
Raw Thoughts
These Drugs
No-one Really Cares
You Shaped Hole
Encore:Dover Beach Pt2 & Pt1
Want Me
I’m a Mess

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