EP Review: Holy Springs – Camera

South London based trio Holy Springs have shared their new EP – Camera recorded in a weekend in Peckham at the end of last year.

Influenced by shoegaze, lo-fi and psych, all of which you can hear over the 4 tracks on this EP. Opener, ‘What I’m Supposed To Do’ has a nice slowed down groove to it. Dominated by driving drums and a guitar that rises out of the mix.

Second track ‘Believe it?’ has a much sunnier disposition. With bright guitar drenched in chorus and whispered vocals. Some great drumming again to propel the track along.

Title track ‘Camera’ see the whole band comfortable together as they belt out some more summery vibes. The guitar tones are very natural and bright which makes the guitar the focus point rather than the vocals. It over powers and directs the track. A refreshing change.

‘Listen’ is the last and best track for me on this EP. Theres a 70s vibe to the guitar tone and the whole song has an acid tinge. Sounds bloody fantastic.

The EP showcases what these guys have in their arsenal. All topped with some great drumming and a band that sound extremely confident. From the shoegazing bass heavy opener to the jangly middle tracks to ending with a Stone Roses-esque cracker.

Order the EP here

Check out ‘Listen’, below:

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