EP Review: Jeff Mills – Extension

The Breakdown

...three shades of sublime minimal Techno...

The quality keeps coming from the one and only ‘Jeff Mills‘, an artist whose work, still to this day, never ceases to enthrall and captivate. AX109 delivers three shades of sublime minimal Techno starting with side A: ‘Rise’, Percussive layers build as ambient sounds simmer underneath, taking us slowly to the surface before calmly ascending back down to its original state. On the flip ‘The Storyteller’ treats us to a low sub kick with subtle percussion surrounded by hypnotic sounds and melodies that play off each other, creating a futuristic sonic landscape. ‘Entanglement’ leads us out with an arrangement that mirrors the structure of ‘Rise’ this time creating a more coruscating environment that shimmers as a single light Staccato note plays through the delicate percussion while the kick provides the warmth.

Side A: Rise.

Extension is part of a series from Growth (AX010, 1994) and Expanded (AX039, 2004) under the same concept. An attempt to bring forth the notion that the Future could provide more than what we are doing now.

Verdict: Jeff Mills, still on another level, creating wonders.

Track List:

A: Rise
B1: The Storyteller
B2: Entanglement

Avaiable Now: Jeff Mills – Extension EP | Axis Records

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