EP REVIEW: Matilda Mann – ‘Because I Wanted You To Know’

SLOWLY but steadily, the rise to prominence of Matilda Mann continues, EP after EP. The delightfully pensive and melancholic bossanova in “Japan”, the lead single, displays all the qualities of Mann’s songwriting – in contrast to other contemporaries, a timeless expression, which could be as much by Kesang Martstrand as by Carole King.

This is indeed a more ambitious and accomplished EP than her debut, where arrangements are more carefully laid out and the sound is more clearly defined to accompany Matilda’s silky voice.

Songs venture into pop (opener “Happy Anniversary, Stranger”) and alt-country (“Paper Mache World”) in a remarkably seamless way. Overall, it is impressive how much this sounds like the work of an accomplished artist – maybe even too much so.

It is always quite difficult to place EPs in the career of an artist. Because I Wanted You To Know is definitely a more upbeat and captivating release than the brooding debut EP by Mann, even though probably weaker from a songwriting point of view. Certainly, if you put them together, you have indeed one of the most interesting new artists in contemporary songwriting out there.

Matilda Mann’s Because I Wanted You To Know is out now on all digital service providers.

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