Film Review: Love Child

Immigration has become one of the hottest topics throughout Europe over the last decade. Whilst this influx of migrants has become something of a political football, it’s easy to lose sight of the personal stories behind these journeys. Every asylum case is different. Each refugee has their own tale to tell. Unique hardships and traumas. Arriving in a new country might initially mean safety but it can just be the start of a long and protracted process.

Sahand and Leila have a forbidden love. One which would result in their deaths if their affair was discovered whilst they were living in Iran. After the birth of their son Mani, they could not keep up the pretence any longer so fled to Istanbul in order to start a new life as a family. However, their initial relief turns to frustration when they find themselves stuck in bureaucratic limbo. Eva Mulvad, Lea Glob and Morten Ranmar’s film Love Child charts their journey.

Filmed over a period of five years, Love Child documents the highs and lows of a couple trying to start a new life in a ‘safe’ country. We experience the intense frustrations which take their toll on the relationship and watch as they settle into a new life. It’s an extremely intimate experience which is both tense and rewarding. Love Child is empathetic filmmaking which afford the viewer a privileged glimpse into the complexities of the Turkish asylum system.  

Love Child is out on digital on 6 November.

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